A motion detector sprinkler is a great way to get rid of common animal pests and not harm them. If you have a garden or shrub bed area that needs protection, this device will cover an area of 1,000 square feet.

The operating principles are really simple:

  • The bird or animal enters the sensors range
  • There is a short burst of water released at the animal
  • Noise is also associated with the release of water
  • Motion also scares the animal
  • The animal will remember the experience and not return

Contech Scarecrow

Fast Facts

What area will this cover?
One unit will cover up to 1,000 sq. ft.

What animals will this repel?
Larger Birds, Rabbits, Cats, Dogs, Deer and Raccoons are the most common

Is it hard to set up?
Just connect the motion detector sprinkler to your hose. Install a stake in the ground
and insert the battery and connect the unit to the stake. Adjust the settings. Done

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What is a motion detector sprinkler?

A motion detector sprinkler is a garden type of sprinkler that is combined with an infrared motion detector. These devices are used to deter animals away from gardens, shrub and flower beds and other areas.

How do they work?
The units are mounted with a stake that comes with the product. You can also mount them on a fence pole or just about anywhere that makes sense. The sensor will detect an animals’ motion once it enters the range of the sensor. The sensor then trips the sprinkler to shoot a short burst of water right at the animal.

Are they effective?
The reviews at Amazon.com are favorable by people that purchased these units. The negatives are that these devices will not deter smaller animals. The unit is stated to be most effective with deer, larger birds, cats, dogs, raccoons and rabbits.

How do you set them up?
You will need a garden hose that is connected to a water supply and a 9 volt battery. Most of these units will cover a 1,000 sq. ft. area. If you are already experiencing intrusion or have a certain area that needs to be protected, that would be the area to target first.

What is the cost of a motion sprinkler?
Prices range from a low of $20.00 to a high of $200.00. The average most popular units being sold are in the $50 to $60 dollar range. The top sellers are made by Contech and HavaHart.

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